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"It's for all our carers to show that we appreciate what they do," Ms Lieberwirth said.

"[I'll] do it as long as I can," Ms Rennie said.

"Your place is not a home without kids," Ms Rennie said.

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"When my children were old enough, I talked to them to see how they felt about it and they didn't mind sharing," Ms Rennie said.

it was the thought of being there for her Adidas Adipure Sl Review

Recruitment assessment officer Karinna Hass said anyone interested in becoming a carer could contact herself or Chelsea and receive an information Black Adidas Y3 Trainers

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Even though she has suffered ill health in recent years, Ms Rennie said Adidas Originals Sl Loop Uk

Ms Rennie had this piece of advice for anyone considering becoming a foster carer:

Ms Rennie said at times it could be hard developing a trust but once it was established there was a continued connection with the children who have been in her care.

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two permanent foster children and her biological children and grandchildren that kept her going.

As part of Foster Carers Week Centacare Catholic Family Services Country SA and Families SA will be holding a lunch to thank its valuable foster carers.

Whether it is for a short or long stay, Ms Rennie has always been quick to find an extra chair at the kitchen table or make up a bed for a child to stay.

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Recruitment assessment officer Chelsea Lieberwirth said respite, short term, long term, kinship and emergency carers have been invited to attend as a thank you for volunteering their hearts and their homes.

"It's all family," Ms Rennie said.

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"You can always fit one more."

Foster Carers Week, from August 18 to August 22, celebrates the valuable people who step up to the role and promotes awareness of the continued need for more foster carers.

For more than 20 years, community member Jill Rennie has been providing a loving home for local children.

With the blessing of her family, Ms Rennie became a foster carer in 1994 and since then has welcomed many children into her home.

Centacare Catholic Family Services Country SA will also be holding an information stall at Westland Shopping Centre at varying times throughout the week.

"There's always a place in every home," Ms Rennie said.

Opening your heart and home to others can be a challenging yet rewarding role.

´╗┐celebrating Foster Carers Week

Centacare Catholic Family Services SA is celebrating its valuable foster carers as part of Foster Carers Week. Pictured Adidas Rose Nmd R1 is recruitment assessment officer Chelsea Lieberwirth, long serving foster carer Jill Rennie and recruitment assessment officer Karinna Hass.

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Adidas Rose Nmd R1

"Your place is not a home without kids." Foster carer Jill Rennie

pack about what the role involves.

"Even after they've gone back to their parents, they still come and see you at home or come up to you when you're shopping it's so lovely to just see them and know they're doing well."

As part of the process for new foster carers, Centacare Catholic Family Services Country SA has also adopted the approach of talking to the potential carer's children about how they feel and what they want out of the process if they are old enough to understand.

Ms Rennie said she always promoted a positive outlook for the children's birth parents and ensured the children still had that identity and background of where they came from.

Ms Rennie said her biological children had also enjoyed the experience of being foster sisters and treated the children like family.

After Ms Rennie's son passed away in 1989 and her two biological daughters were a little older, she felt her home was empty without children.

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"I'd tell them it's very rewarding, you might have your ups and downs but at the end of the day you can see what progress you've made with them," Ms Rennie said.

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