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Enbridge officials are attending the hearings, but won't make any presentations until much later in the process.

Critics have focused on what they say is the environmental damage wrought by the oilsands and by increased carbon consumption in general.

The chiefs were among several First Nations leaders speaking in the village of Kitamaat at the start of federal hearings on the Enbridge Inc. (TSX:ENB) project, which would deliver Alberta oil to a port in the nearby municipality of Kitimat for export to Asia.

´╗┐Chiefs say pipeline means possible disaster

by the bringing of that oil by pipeline and shipping it by sea," Hereditary Chief Ken Hall told the opening day of environmental hearings into the project.

"I am worried," he said, adding he has visions of traditional cultural sites in the channel "covered up with oil."

Ross received a standing ovation, followed by a long line of well wishers.

Enbridge plans to bring oil super tankers the size of the Empire State building into the town where they will be loaded with Alberta oil and Adidas Sl 72 Dark Blue

shipped overseas.

But the issue is much more personal to the aboriginal people in the area. Their presentations Tuesday did not focus on the pros and cons of oilsands development, but on the risks to their way of life.

Hereditary Chief Sammy Robinson told the hearings he's been running a fishing charter business out of Douglas Channel for 45 years.

Adidas Y3 Kazuhiri

Adidas Y3 Kazuhiri

Officials with Greenpeace Canada said it was unfortunate but not surprising that a spill would happen on the first day of the hearings into Northern Gateway.

"I know every inch of our territory because I'm out there every day of the summer running my business."

Ross's mother was among the community members who lined up to hug her son after he told the panel decades of environmental degradation have already depleted his people's fish and seafood resources.

"The Haisla are facing a double barrelled shotgun Adidas Rose 4.5 Zebra

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"This does not generate Adidas Y3 Kazuhiri much confidence," said spokesman Mike Hudema.

Like Hall, the other aboriginal speakers voiced concerns that the project presents a double danger to their community, with the threat of a pipeline break and an oil tanker spill.

The environmental hearings into the proposal, which Prime Minister Stephen Harper has characterized as imperative to the Canadian economy, are expected to last for 18 months.

The public relations battle surrounding the Enbridge project has been at a rolling boil for months. money and naive celebrities.

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But the strong words from both sides were a stark contrast from the gentle opening speech delivered by hereditary Chief Sammy Robinson after Haisla dancers and drummers paraded into the meeting hall.

"Apply it like it was your own heritage because, quite frankly, it is," he told the auditorium packed with hundreds.

Aboriginal chiefs say the Northern Gateway project puts their people in the crosshairs of possible disaster and they must put threats to their homes and their children's future ahead of job prospects that might come from the pipeline.

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Adidas Y3 Kazuhiri

"Apply (your decision) like it was happening to Adidas Tech Super Junior

"It seems like an ominous sign of things to come and is a sober reminder of the toxic effects that pipelines and super tankers pose to the environment and human health."

you and your own family," Ross said during an emotional 72 minute statement to the National Energy Board panel members.

The hearings continue Wednesday in Kitamaat Village, with the first speaker on the schedule, Peter King, reportedly speaking in favour of the project.

Coincidentally, Enbridge reported Tuesday it was investigating reports of a small natural gas leak in the Gulf of Mexico, about 105 kilometres off the coast of Louisiana.

The long, fjord like channel that leads into the municipality of Kitimat is the proposed site for the oil tanker port because of its deep, protected waters. Kitamaat Village, the aboriginal community where the hearings were held Tuesday, is about 11 kilometres to the south.

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"Walk softly on our road," he said. "We are very happy to have you in our territory. Good luck."

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Adidas Y3 Kazuhiri

Adidas Y3 Kazuhiri

Adidas Y3 Kazuhiri

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