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Adidas Sl Loop Moc Europe

So allow me to propose that body checking be eliminated from all hockey levels below junior; that way it never need be taught at all.

Adidas Sl Loop Moc Europe

Adidas Sl Loop Moc Europe

Body checking is part of hockey for only a very small percentage of players. It is not essential to the game.

Deny it as pros and junior players might, too often the intent of a body check is to injure another player. If someone with his head down is clobbered in open ice, and there nothing to gain in term of puck possession. The only can be to hurt the opponent.

and avoid it in open ice. They need to develop an awareness of danger zones where contact is likely to occur.

Adidas Sl Loop Moc Europe

Learning how to body check might mitigate the damage, but it certainly isn preventing it.

Yet if the hit is clean, Adidas Sl Loop Moc Europe it is considered hockey play, regardless of intent. The person dishing it out might be termed of the best hitters in the game, even if the only outcome his action could possibly accomplish is a concussion.

So here I am, with the fight strap tied down on my computer jersey, advocating a ban on body checking at all levels of minor hockey.

But you might argue (especially if your name is Don Cherry) that body checking is a vital part of hockey.

dangerous, illegal and immoral. As adults, it our job to stop them, to keep them safe.

But who can resist a good hockey skirmish?

The essential purpose of a body check then was to separate the puck carrier from the puck. Body checks, and tough play in general, were also used to intimidate, to discourage playmakers from being too fancy with the puck or from feeling they had ample time and space to manoeuvre along the boards and in the corners.

Like many older players, I feel a certain nostalgia for my body checking days, so much so that I occasionally skate out of my goal crease and try to lay out a good hit.

Body contact, on the other hand, is an inevitable part of every hockey game, be it ankle biters, women hockey or oldtimers. When two people go into the corner after a puck, chances are at least one of them will hit the boards or the ice.

Adidas Sl Loop Moc Europe

Minor hockey job is to provide a good, safe recreational experience to the huge majority who will never make it, not to cater Sl Loop Grey

The strategic function is punishment and intimidation.

Adidas Sl Loop Moc Europe

Such a ban would be the best way to reduce the alarming incidence of concussions and musculoskeletal injuries that afflicting many young players and driving many more to choose less dangerous sports.

´╗┐checking in all minor hockey

In a Sault Star article Wednesday, local experts did a very good job of expressing arguments for both sides. I urge everyone to read it and make up their own minds.

Anyone who ever been in a rink knows that the number of players whose parents think will become stars is far, far greater than the number who actually make it to major junior, let alone the NHL.

Accidental and incidental contact can lead the same sort of injuries as intentional contact, even if their frequency is greatly reduced.

If body checking was banned in every level except junior or higher, there would be absolutely no reason for league players to learn it, because hardly any ascend to those lofty levels.

Well tell that to the vast majority of people who actually play hockey these days, the hundreds of thousands of Canadian men, women and children having a great time in leagues that do not allow body checking. Sometimes people pay to watch them play, too.

But the body checking of my youth, the days of old time hockey, bears little resemblance to what I see practised in the NHL and CHL today.

Body checking is clearly an offensive weapon. And it a weapon made much more dangerous by modern equipment, with pointed elbow and shoulder pads made of bulletproof armour.

But in today NHL, checking is far more frequent and every check is finished, big time if possible. Pass the puck and you will be hit. Shoot the puck and you will be hit. Even goalies trying to stop the puck may be hit.

Adidas Sl Loop Moc Europe

to the tiny fraction of a percentage who will.

So I was pleased to read that peewee level coaches at the Soo Pee Wee league will continue to teach body contact techniques during practices. Coaches should be doing that at even younger levels.

Adidas Sl Loop Moc Europe

Adidas Sl Loop Moc Europe

The best argument against banning body checking in peewee hockey is that teaching players the skill at that age will prepare them for body checking at higher levels.

Kids need to learn how to absorb contact along the boards Adidas Sl Loop Hypebeast

And if minor hockey leagues are going to allow and teach body checking in order to cover the remote possibility of a player going on to professional hockey, perhaps they should also teach every 11 and 12 year old financial management, contract law, media skills, motivational psychology and dealing with puck bunnies. Many of them love it. Teenagers leap to do all sorts of things that are Adidas Sl Loop Cargo

Adidas Sl Loop Moc Europe

Adidas Sl Loop Moc Europe

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